original poetry

the dawn will come  

words seem too severe too full of resignation 

fearful that my stuttering page 

will give truth agonising acceptance 

day bears the suffocating shadow of night 

the dawn will not come

my ammunition thoughts fired wildly 

ricochet to pierce through me 

courage escapes this battlefield 

no victory no prisoners this side of heaven 

the dawn will not come

transplant my heart to another place 

or it will burst through this fragile frame 

hell is a place felt not seen 

when all that is loved cannot be found 

and still the dawn will not come

the temple of God cannot stay in darkness 

his spirit will rise in us like the sun 

in perpetual night we grasp for his footsteps 

following rescued from our despair 

yes …………….. the dawn will come 

© 2012 jennifer campbell

truth's breath 

dawn seems a distant reflection 

noon’s fierce sun veils me in understanding 

Spirit beckons me to look at harvest hands 

He whispers it is time 

awaken all that you know and believe … now 

walk from the fire your tears are dry 

run beyond doubt become strong 

grow…. grow beyond yourself 

truth’s breath blows gently in my eyes 

opening them to gain a glimpse of heaven 

a girl grown to a woman 

her son has become a man 

along the journey the treasure lies in secret places 

opened with pain or joy 

the afternoon approaches 

demanding a response


© jennifer campbell 2002

forced distance 

sojourn of this hearts surge 

wave of intrigue spiced with desire 

rapturous cloak skin piercing 

aching crushing violently shaking 

love acid transcending the ordinary 

irrational thoughts give substance to heart rhythm

heart renders mind’s composition 

a catapult to the cliff edge of longing 

a vantage point to see my humanness 

precariously climb into the intricate web 

a cleverly designed merciless trap

peek out beyond fear’s shield …….. stumble 

fall naked on broken glass 

it penetrates rips and exposes the affliction 

deep infection relentlessly spreading 

fool for a perilous pursuit 

mocking teasing enticing

braver feet have faltered 

these tongues of creativity poisonous barbs 

open me up and suck me lifeless 

passion’s painful persistence 

love’s application my forced distance

© jennifer campbell 2007

kingdom's window deep into shadow lands 

falling into shadow lands 

gasping for every breath 

entrapped in fear’s fortress 

acting out the wrong script

the prophet’s cries grow stronger 

the martyr’s prayers piercing my lips 

burning coals seal warrior words 

a new song is my worship weapon

desperately devouring His words 

grace opens heaven’s locked window 

the Spirit breathes joy’s flame 

a healing divine embrace

rescued from these shadow lands 

on weighty arms of grace 

carried on love’s pillow 

truth serves my precious peace

forgiving …….. rips you open 

revealing who you are 

seeing what your life is built on 

demanding a view from the cross

© jennifer campbell 2012

the evil side of good

Wrapped in man’s wisdom 

a shroud deathly cold 

Search for words that bring life 

knowing they will shake and disturb 

We nurture lives of discontent 

manufacture hearts of ice and cement 

Voice of this anesthetised world 

laughs at the drowning man 

Blindfolds us so we can’t see  

the evil side of good

Peace may have to wait 

till trouble runs its course 

Justice can only come 

when light has shone on every wrong 

If there is no eternity and plan for redemption 

then life is just a cruel joke acted out by fools 

If we lose the desire for truth 

then we will dwell comfortably in our deception 

United in falsehood we will be content with  

the evil side of good 

World’s window stain covered  

distortion of the actual scene 

We promote only what we can tolerate 

offended by truth we crucify the truth giver  

Living fast paced between the train tracks 

yet spiritually stagnant, dull and confused 

If God is out of the frame 

we make a home for insanity 

Then dutifully start to worship  

the evil side of good 

The force of evil was once easy to see 

our battle was against a recognisable foe  

Now we are people dying of thirst 

drinking from a well of toxic ideas 

Our over consumption of filth 

is starving us to despair 

A cunning secret ambush  

betraying the creator’s love 

The earth is in turmoil for we can no longer see  

how evil has invaded the good


© jennifer campbell 2020



(in loving memory of Tom Still, 6/6/1986 - 4/3/2012)
 a poem for Nod, Ruth, Katy and Beth