forced distance

sojourn of this hearts surge 

wave of intrigue spiced with desire 

rapturous cloak skin piercing 

aching crushing violently shaking 

love acid transcending the ordinary 

irrational thoughts give substance to heart rhythm

heart renders mind’s composition 

a catapult to the cliff edge of longing 

a vantage point to see my humanness 

precariously climb into the intricate web 

a cleverly designed merciless trap

peek out beyond fear’s shield …….. stumble 

fall naked on broken glass 

it penetrates rips and exposes the affliction 

deep infection relentlessly spreading 

fool for a perilous pursuit 

mocking teasing enticing

braver feet have faltered 

these tongues of creativity poisonous barbs 

open me up and suck me lifeless 

passion’s painful persistence 

love’s application my forced distance

© jennifer campbell 2007

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