the dawn will come

words seem too severe too full of resignation 

fearful that my stuttering page 

will give truth agonising acceptance 

day bears the suffocating shadow of night 

the dawn will not come

my ammunition thoughts fired wildly 

ricochet to pierce through me 

courage escapes this battlefield 

no victory no prisoners this side of heaven 

the dawn will not come

transplant my heart to another place 

or it will burst through this fragile frame 

hell is a place felt not seen 

when all that is loved cannot be found 

and still the dawn will not come

the temple of God cannot stay in darkness 

his spirit will rise in us like the sun 

in perpetual night we grasp for his footsteps 

following rescued from our despair 

yes …………….. the dawn will come 

© 2012 jennifer campbell

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