the dawn will come

words seem too severe too full of resignation 

fearful that my stuttering page 

will give truth agonising acceptance 

day bears the suffocating shadow of night 

the dawn will not come

my ammunition thoughts fired wildly 

ricochet to pierce through me 

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truth's breath

dawn seems a distant reflection 

noon’s fierce sun veils me in understanding 

Spirit beckons me to look at harvest hands 

He whispers it is time 

awaken all that you know and believe … now 


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forced distance

sojourn of this hearts surge 

wave of intrigue spiced with desire 

rapturous cloak skin piercing 

aching crushing violently shaking 

love acid transcending the ordinary 

irrational thoughts give substance to heart rhythm

heart renders mind’s…

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kingdom's window deep into shadow lands

falling into shadow lands 

gasping for every breath 

entrapped in fear’s fortress 

acting out the wrong script

the prophet’s cries grow stronger 

the martyr’s prayers piercing my lips 

burning coals seal warrior words 

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