it has been a long time brewing `breath' is a selection of songs written over 3 decades
 the album features the song `catch my breath'

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recording the album

 I started the `breath` album project at `The Surfhouse’ home studio in August 2015 and completed it in May 2017 
fender precision bass - (1983) 
maton acoustic EBG 808 -(2003) 
fender strat - (2009)

hardware and software 
apple iMac 
nEar 05 ESI monitors
AKG K240 Headphones
garage band 
zoom G2.1u guitar effects & audio interface 
AER domino 
Rode NT 1-A

many thanks to: 
Leann Hansen backing vocals on `three strands’ 
Linda Gilbert recorder on `three strands’ 
thanks also to:
Lachlan Mckenzie, Tim Thomson, Lucas Bartlett,
Jamie Corson, William Bowden and Syd Green for
listening to certain tracks and providing advice

songs on the album  

catch my breath 2007 
A song of thanks to the breath giver who pursued relentlessly to catch my breath.

white powder 1985  
A fictitious `tale of tragedy’, Christine is a child who dreams of becoming a famous ballerina.

There is a passion in dreaming and a discipline in striving but with loss of vision and purpose,
life can become drug numbed and barren. 

dark history 2016 
My first placement as a PE teacher was at Griffith High School in the Riverina of NSW. When I arrived, the town was still reeling from the mystery that surrounded the disappearance and suspected murder of local businessman and politician Donald Mackay.

This event in 1977 had shocked our nation with reports of this being a possible Mafia organised assassination of a man who had spoken out about the possibility of illegal farming of marijuana in Griffith and surrounding towns.

I got to know his wife Barbara and his children Paul, Ruth, Mary and James.
Barbara decided to remain in Griffith and continue to raise her young family and keep the family business going. She campaigned desperately for justice
and to recover Don’s body for burial. Barbara was an amazing woman who came to forgive those who had committed this unspeakable crime that robbed
a family of husband and father. This year it is the 40th anniversary of this crime and Don’s body has not been found. 

The song has had 3 edits, the original song was written in 1984 and sung at a concert with a drummer flutist, and double bass player. It was then modified in
2006 and again in 2016. Before recording, I decided to speak rather than sing the verses. The chorus was completely reworked as well to create a more haunting vibe.

wanting to land 2002 
Extreme hurt and pain can take you to a vantage point 
that only then reveals a clarity and thankfulness 
for the things not understood or once taken for granted.

three strands 2003 
When you love someone deeply it has the power to awaken the soul. Our individual journey longs for a shared path, a sacred covenant in complete oneness, a witness who gives testimony to our life’s journey. 

My friends Carmel and Cameron had asked me to sing a song at their wedding in Manila near Tamworth in 2003. I finished writing the song the day before their wedding as I was driving through the beautiful undulating hills of New England. 

I also sang it with `The Untamed Shrews’ and a string ensemble at my friend Sue’s wedding when she married Leigh in Ulladulla in 2008. 


rebuild your temple 2011 
What started as a gentle loving whisper gradually became a mighty shout and I recognised my desert heart and dry bones. 
His voice growing louder began to silence the world’s noise so that finally I could hear Him 

1 Kings 19:11-13 
Ezekiel 37:1-15 

abijah’s speech 2015 
Abijah who is King David’s grandson and king of Judah is confronted by his adversary Jeroboam of Israel. Abijah and his men are caught in an ambush and surrounded 2 to 1. They are overwhelmingly on the verge of defeat. Abijah makes an impassioned speech that inspires his troops imploring them to remember their God and His covenant with them. Miraculously, they are victorious over their enemies. 

2 Chronicles 13