it has been a long time brewing `breath' is a selection of songs written over 3 decades
 the album features the song `catch my breath'


My new EP that is about to be released is called 'The Promise'

Songs to be uploaded very soon!

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recording the album

 I started the `breath` album project at `The Surfhouse’ home studio in August 2015 and completed it in May 2017 
fender precision bass - (1983) 
maton acoustic EBG 808 -(2003) 
fender strat - (2009)

hardware and software 
apple iMac 
nEar 05 ESI monitors
AKG K240 Headphones
garage band 
zoom G2.1u guitar effects & audio interface 
AER domino 
Rode NT 1-A

many thanks to: 
Leann Hansen backing vocals on `three strands’ 
Linda Gilbert recorder on `three strands’ 
thanks also to:
Lachlan Mckenzie, Tim Thomson, Lucas Bartlett,
Jamie Corson, William Bowden and Syd Green for
listening to certain tracks and providing advice