From the recording breath

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wanting to land

if life seems easy and so content
if night came and there was no regret
if i denied i’d cut a reckless course
and dark love wasn’t a powerful force
i’d be lying i’d be lying

if i’d swear to never let you down
and love you will my last breath
if i said you’d never break me
and the pain would not suffocate me
i’d be lying i’d be lying

if love is ripped and torn and bleeding
if something precious has been stolen
i can’t see the shore let alone swim there
i will drown in this sea of tears
i will drown in this sea of fears

if I shouted i could never forgive
and i could never love you again
if i’d told you i’d stopped believing
lost my faith, passion and reason
i’d be lying, i’d be lying

if i chartered a solo course
and said i never wanted to land
never hear you speak my name
never feel your tears on my face
i’d be lying, i’d be lying

senseless longing
senseless hoping

© 2002 jennifer campbell

extreme hurt and pain can take you to
a vantage point that only then reveals
a clarity and thankfulness
for the things not understood
or once taken for granted